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You Be the Jury: Survey on a Current Event

The facts as presented are not accurate so that is throwing off your calculation.

For example, when discounting Knox's statement to the police most people consider that it was after a length interrogation but the truth is the questioning lasted one hour. They accept that Knox was mistreated but all the evidence points to them treating her toughly but as expected for a murder suspect. What is never mentioned in the interrogation story is that Sollecito told the police Knox was not with him the night of the murder and that he lied at Knox's request. This information was in fact what led to Knox placing herself at the crime and accusing an innocent man. It should also be noted that this is the second innocent black man Knox had tried to implicate.

Also missing from consideration is the fact that Luminol revealed footprints matching both Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito’s feet in the corridor between Knox’s room and the victim’s room and nowhere in the house. The prosecution advanced the theory that these were made by the accused in the victim’s blood while the defense presented the argument that these could have been made at a different time. When one of the footprints contained both Knox and victim’s DNA the expert argued independent deposit.

These are not equivalent explanations. The defense position requires that there be a reason for Knox and Sollecito to have blood on their feet. No such reason was ever given but since they had dated for less than two weeks if such an event had occurred it certainly would have been fresh in everyone’s memory. So not only does it require that there be an occurrence unrelated to the murder where these footprints were made but further both Meredith and Amanda had to deposit DNA presumably by spitting of some kind of nasal discharge in the exact same spot. We should also add a reason for why these prints only appear between the victim’s room and Knox’s room and not in the rest of the corridor. That or we accept the obvious that they were made the night of the murder in the victim’s blood.

Then there is a series of other evidence missing from the Wikipedia article. No mention of Knox lying to the police to delay the discovery of the body. No mention of Knox going from a state of joking around to hitting herself repeatedly when asked to provide her fingerprints for exclusionary purposes. No mention of Knox’s story not matching the evidence of what happened November 2. So yes if you remove all the evidence and change what you even bother to mention then Knox and Sollecito are innocent but that is not reality. If you want the real evidence I would suggest you read here http://themurderofmeredithkercher.com/ everything is sourced to primary sources and there is next to no opinion. Just the facts. See if you still feel the calculation comes out as not guilty.

Inherited Improbabilities: Transferring the Burden of Proof

Exactly. The problem for Knox and Sollecito is that there is so much evidence that even if it was all weak (and it isn't) just the number of items is sufficent to arrive at a high certainty of guilt because they are all independent events.


That is a lot of evidence. Some items are so strong that they in isolation would be sufficent to reach the level of certainty required to convict and others are strong evidence but not enough. I count 24 items.