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There is value in what Tyler is saying but there is also a second side to this argument which I think FeatherlessBiped and Renope have already picked up on. The idea of narrative or story is just about the oldest means of communicating there is for humanity. We only have to open up the world of mythology and the various types of Greek, Roman, Indian, Norse, Celtic myths to understand their are multiple layers of meaning and value in understanding the common human condition. As a child reads the Greek Myths that child on one level understands and enjoys that myth. However the trick comes later when the grown adult truly understands deeper levels of meaning not comprehended in that younger age. Myths also serve humanities greatest trials, quests and conflicts... The repeating stories of life. Not just "stories" for the story's sake. This is an interesting juxtaposition then. Ancient humanity vs The Modern World as we know it. The problem of today and the world we live in is that the free market economy has become so endemic in terms of infiltrating others modes of civilized life that it now takes a modern person with a keen sense of critical judgement to determine whether or not one is being "sold" something in a world where the idea of the story has been subverted by the values of the socety we live in - the other side of the coin.