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How to navigate through contradictory (health/fitness) advice?

So, think about what your goal is and where you are in your life and in your training career. If you want to become an athlete I'll offer no help but if you just want to be healthy I'd recommend reading up on the recommendations from the American College of Sports Medicine which base their recommendations on science. That said, things can be good for you even if they aren't proven by science.

If you are a normal person aiming for a healthy life, following their recommendations is a good idea. In brief they are: 150 minutes/week of moderate cardio (around 125-135 heart rate) or 75 minutes of intense cardio (140-160). 2 bouts of resistance training, aiming at all major muscle groups 2 bouts of mobility exercise

Notice I didn't say what to do during these occasions. This is because it comes down to preference, as long as you're not doing anything unsafe. If the method someone wants you to follow doesn't at least largely follow those recommendations (obviously a lot of people want more than 2x resistance) they are probably not based on evidence.

I'm no expert but I do study physiotherapy and have access to talk to a lot of experts in the field of exercise. I do a study on myself in my blog (the lowest form of evidence) where I try to follow the recommendations and see how it affects me. I try to do generic exercises that are commonly used and easy to do at home.

I don't know if that provides the answer you want, but hopefully it can help guide you!