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Given the politicians we have in office, I'd say that "multiple people making the same mistake" is a fairly common phenomenon :)

But please, explain exactly what information you think she's conveying and why you think that this is the most probable explanation for... whatever you think you're seeing.

Alright, since you've given the only remotely rational response, I'll pass the ball on to you. Would you be interested in making guesses about me based on my own OKC pictures, and then learning how right or wrong your guesses are?

Upvoted for remembering that Ash was the science officer and not just the movie's token android.

"But dang, that argument my teacher explained to me sure was sound-looking! I must just be lucky - those poor saps with other teachers have it wrong!"

This is actually something I've been wondering about regarding the disproportionate overlap between libertarianism and anthropogenic global warming skepticism. I'd like to think that this disproportionate overlap is because both views stem from a rational and objective assessment of the available data, but at the same time, I can't deny that anthropogenic global warming would throw a monkey wrench into libertarian philosophy if it was real, so being skeptical of it saves us from doing an awful lot of mental gymnastics...

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