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Hiya! Everywhere I go I primarily lurk, the reason being that commenting just takes way too much time for me. I find it very difficult to put my thoughts into words, and I constantly obsess over small details. As a result, even a simple comment like this can take up to 15 minutes to write.

Reading this I felt so... excited. This is genuinely good news. Like the childhood you, most of my experience of life consists of not actually meeting people and doing things, but of reading books and what have you. As a result, I had deliberately killed my sense of ambition, because on some level I equated success with unhappiness. The idea that smarter, more successful people are happier as well... that changes things.

Learning Japanese was a very fun experience for me. Why? Because it felt I was infiltrating some kind of secret cult. Learning to actually read all those incomprehensible moonrunes was like learning how to decode their secret messages. It was... exciting.