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How to Purchase AI Risk Reduction

What I don't see people talking enough about is the obvious need for this:

large government funding (eg, in the US).

Our is an incredibly large and difficult mission -- to smoothly integrate humans, their qualia and values into the coming AI.

The government funding, of course, should not be directed by bureaucrats deciding on their own, but by, e.g., Singularity Institute and other Friendly AI, human-integration proponents .

I.e., government funding should be directed by a formidable Singularity preparation Political Action Committee

I've recently thrown together this site-in-progress: for that purpose.

However, it would be better to leverage existing, developed organizations such as the Singularity Institute, University, Hub, etc,

For my part, I'd like to raise awareness, and am leading development on singularity games. The proceeds, I'd like to fund a singularity PAC.

It might also be good to just directly ask eg the Gates Foundation or similar for the PAC money and get things rolling already.

What are you thoughts on this?