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AMA: Paul Christiano, alignment researcher

A number of people seem to have departed OpenAI at around the same time as you. Is there a particular reason for that which you can share? Do you still think that people interested in alignment research should apply to work at OpenAI?

What is the current bottleneck on genetic engineering of human embryos for improved IQ

In the case of reducing mutational load to near zero, you might be doing targeted changes to huge numbers of genes. There is presumably some point at which it's easier to create a genome from scratch.

I agree it's an open question though!

What is the current bottleneck on genetic engineering of human embryos for improved IQ

An alternative to editing many genes individually is to synthesise the whole genome from scratch, which is plausibly cheaper and more accurate.

Objective Dog Ratings: An Introduction & Explanation

I would find this more useful if you spelled out a bit more about your scoring method. You say:

They must be loyal, intelligent, and hardworking, they must have a sense of dignity, they must like humans, and above all they must be healthy.

Which of these do you think are the most important? Why do these traits matter? (for example, hardworking dogs are not really necessary in the modern world)

And why these traits and not others? (for example: size, cleanliness, appearance, getting along with other animals)

a dog which is as close to being a wolf as one can get without sacrificing any of those essential characteristics which define a dog as such

Why do you think a dog that is close to a wolf is objectively better than dogs which are further away?

Get Rich Real Slowly

Vanguard has a UK website, I use them and it works well.

Monevator also has a good guide to investment firms in the UK, along with a bunch of UK specific advice.

2018 AI Alignment Literature Review and Charity Comparison

OpenPhil gave Carl Shulman $5m to re-grant

I didn't realise this was happening. Is there somewhere we can read about grants from this fund when/if they occur?

When is unaligned AI morally valuable?

Would this approach have any advantages vs brain uploading? I would assume brain uploading to be much easier than running a realistic evolution simulation, and we would have to worry less about alignment.

2014 Less Wrong Census/Survey

I filled in the survey! Like many people I didn't have a ruler to use for the digit ratio question.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread, part 17, chapter 86

Also, I'm torn between how to interpret Snape's last question - my first thought was that he was verifying the truth of a story he had been told("Your master tortured her, now join the light side already!" being the most likely), but upon rereading, I wonder if he was worried that she had been used as Horcrux fuel.

Or verifying a deal he made with Voldemort, though that might not make as much sense with Snape's character.

Room for more funding at the Future of Humanity Institute

Slightly off topic, but I'm very interested in the "policy impact" that FHI has had - I had heard nothing about it before and assumed that it wasn't having very much. Do you have more information on that? If it were significant, it would increase the odds that giving to FHI was a great option.

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