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You mentioning this years ago at a meetup triggered me to write a blog post about my approach to this. Mostly it addresses automation and CCT correlation to time of day.

If somebody wants to throw money at this problem look at Hue bulbs and augment the lumens with some corncob LED bulbs. Automate the bulb color temperature based on time of day at the switch (time-slot based scene rules) or with a timer rule (or both). If you get a warm and a cool temp corncob bulb, you can power them each with a smart plug (e.g., the Zooz ZEN25 double switch, which has two switchable plugs in one unit). Set your home automation rules to toggle the smart plug with the Hue switch and power the cool bulb, the warm bulb, both, or neither depending on the time of day.

Thanks for writing this up. Very thorough notes and the comprehensive links are helpful.

I'm curious what those who were not present for the meetup will think of the format. My initial impression is that it's falling too far on the side of stream-of-conversation for easy parsing.

It also tends to lead to fragile monocultures. See also San Francisco.