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Less Wrong: Open Thread, December 2010

Yes, that post neglects to mention an obvious fact that makes it come off as hysterical and creepy/potentially dangerous. However, the lesser point that sex-'starved' people (especially men) are unfortunately Acceptable Targets, even though sexual deprivation can be a significant emotional harm, seems true and important.

(It seems to me that people vary a lot in how much they suffer when sexually deprived, and the typical mind fallacy is rampant in both directions, though probably more problematic coming from the low sufferers. As a low sufferer myself, this is not a personal complaint.)

In which I fantasize about drugs

A binaural beat converted to mono sounds like a good control. I do plan to test this sometime soon.

In which I fantasize about drugs

Seconding methylphenidate for #2, and (specifically) delta-wave-inducing binaural beats for #3.

I've heard good things about weed + Adderall for creative production, but never tried it.

In which I fantasize about drugs

I find that marijuana makes me MUCH more internally honest by suppressing flinch responses. YMMV. (Unsurprisingly, it doesn't help with putting things into effect, but the insight remains, as does the feeling of what it's like to be / alief that I can survive being honest.)

In which I fantasize about drugs

Anon demonstrates knowledge about illicit drugs. While it seems atypically conservative, I can easily understand concern about being associated with that.

Welcome to Less Wrong!

Since SIAI's selection process includes looking at the applicant's posting history here, even writers whose user names cannot be correlated with the name they would put on a job application will tend to avoid taking the unpopular-with-SIAI side in the race-IQ debate.

What makes you think "the unpopular-with-SIAI side" exists? Or that it is what you think it is?

Of Exclusionary Speech and Gender Politics

The issue about helpless anger at my end seems to be that I'd have to believe I shouldn't have been hurt when I was mistreated if I could choose whether or not I'm angry.

This sounds really interesting, but I'm afraid I can't parse it.

Of Exclusionary Speech and Gender Politics

More importantly, the good advice you claim women agree with is given side by side with the stuff that's completely ineffective and countereffective (gifts, admiration, letting her make choices -- which by the way does not contradict "knowing what you want").

Or maybe the really effective thing to do is to know which type of behavior to exhibit when (so much of social skill is about context-sensitivity); all-out dominant behavior is more effective in some cases than all-out the other direction ('submissive' seems like the wrong term) or ham-fisted attempts at variation, so advice to adopt all-out dominant behavior, combined with the idea that the other sort of behavior is completely ineffective, persists among men who are less skilled and interested in those cases; and women introspecting on what they want get that they want both but don't get the context-dependence, or don't realize it needs to be said.

Of Exclusionary Speech and Gender Politics

What if you go around saying "almost everyone, whatever their gender, has poor insight into their preferences and responses"?

Of Exclusionary Speech and Gender Politics

To a low-attractive male, any action taken by a high-attractive male is suspect. Thus, an initially low-status PUA is more likely to describe high-status behaviors in negative terms (e.g. "ordering her around") rather than the terms women would use to describe the behavior they find attractive ("a man who knows what he wants, and isn't afraid to say it").

This is a really good point. Think like reality! Behavior that pleases others and benefits yourself is virtuous!

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