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Sledding Is Underrated

I love sledding! (Oh dear, now you've caused me to recall my favorite sledding picture of my kids.) I'm not sure I can find it.  But my two kids (elder daughter and younger son, maybe 8 and 6 (1.5 year separation)) are coming down a little sledding hill, my daughter in front has grins of delight on her face, and my younger son's expression is earnest, in the back steering, his job is to get them down the hill safely.  There's a blurry dog tail in the shot, )  

Re: sleds breaking.  That sucks.  I've had sleds I bought from Value (hardware store) for ~20 years, one did break and one has a duct tape patch, but 3/4 still functional.  It's been a great winter here in WNY (Java Center, 14082) I went looking for more sleds... I bought a ~$35 red sled from somewhere.  I'll let you know. The walk back up the hill is the real reason you go sledding*, but don't tell my fun loving brain that part. :^)  

*Well and sunshine and nature and outside... etc. (there's a beauty to winter, that few seem to like.) 

(briefly) RaDVaC and SMTM, two things we should be doing

I found this, which shows the east part of Co. as more obese.  (Not sure how it compares to Kansas)

Omicron: My Current Model

"The risks of Covid-19 prevented by vaccination greatly exceed the risks of vaccination."

Is this true across all age groups?  I've been getting PO'ed at radio ads in NY encouraging moms to get their 3 year olds vaccinated.  But maybe this is my mistake.