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So many things to ponder. I am this day 69!George. 19!George was a mess; 29!George not so much(quit drinking).  I miss the youth and energy of 19-65!George. Try as I might, the body and brain runs its natural course, but I am not complaining and try not to use aging as a mask for bitterness or an excuse for giving up on new ideas. I regard my ancestors with a mix of anger, sorrow, and joy.  I try to encourage hopeful thoughts about the future because I was lucky to have been able to live out an “average” life span, so I feel a responsibility to support conditions that would best allow future (and current lives) to live as simply and as well as I have been able to live. 


i appreciate all these ideas to ponder(my favorite pastime). Is the desire to live forever the ultimate manifestation of FOMO? Also, what to have for dinner, day after day into infinity would be a challenge.

I like this in that there are some friendly responses to folks’ self-doubts, tendencies towards complaining, laziness, and feigned helplessness. I am going to record these and play them back to myself as needed. Would that be everyday?


Nice article. As a late-bloomer boomer (68 years old) I find myself frustrated with those within my age bracket (65-70) who resist the most basic skills needed to navigate the world as it is whether they like it or not. Ex: a brother-in-law that uses a flip phone and expects me to time picking him up at the airport because he is too cheap and stubborn to learn how to text on a reasonable cell phone. I would note that your observation of being marginalized by marketers is true for us as well: compare the ads on tv at different times of day::old people ads in the morning, ads for bored, jobless,staying home sick folks midday, and the young, exciting people in prime time.
I try to keep up with younger generations and their views of the world through things like this forum, some discord channels, and EA stuff. However, I try not to play the old guy card and personally, I find that having a sense of age appropriateness is worthwhile. Age is not, in my opinion just a number. Our body gets old and it begins to take more attention to deal with all that process. You throw signing into some streaming service just cause you want to relax for a minute, or having to go navigate passwords to get to banking, doctors, the library ( for crying out loud in a bucket, as my father used to say) it can make a person sometimes seem inept and grumpy.

What is it about airplanes that demands ludicrous amounts of both actual safety (e.g. no plane crashes) and also security theater (e.g. the TSA), and now the masks? Is it purely that it’s profoundly unsettling to be flying through the air because that’s something humans aren’t supposed to be doing? Or is there more to it than that?

I have always wondered about this. Flying might be a thrill but it is a weird thrill.

I worked graveyard shift for 12 years. When I got off nights and finally, about a month later, when I came out of my sleep deprivation hangover, as long as I am sleeping at night (any amount of hours between 2000 and 0400 hr I am good.( I would not recommend this approach however for sleep issues.) I set an alarm for 0500 because I like the solitude for meditation and writing in the early day before the s—- hits the fan!

I have, after years of running for exercise and enjoyment finally subscribed to a running app ( deciding to buy an Apple watch was a nudge as well). I committed myself to a 14 week training program in the app with guided coaching during the run and little sorts of at-a-way-to-go! silly badges, and I feel more enthusiastic about running than I have in years. Weird, huh?

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California. Just a hunch.

I try to practice 20 minute meditation sessions; I prefer guided meditations; helps me, helps,the world ( I’m a little less reactive). Also I whittle little figures out of small blocks of wood. Gives me something to do with my hands and occupies my mind; helps me…I give them away, or put them in public places outdoors. Add some whimsy to the doom.