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Wouldn't such an occurrence involve an overhaul of the world on part of some Force/Entity? And why would you, and only you, be able to note that something changed, i.e. that you believed 2+2=4 and now you no longer don't? Much more importantly, since you use it as an example, Winston would not bother to write about 2+2=3, he would probably actually write about 2+2=4, or even 5, thus shaking your world even further...

New here, so hoping for (a) an answer, even though it's been a long time and (b) some mercy if I'm completely wrong... :)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but no theory based on known materials could predict what would happen to a completely new material with unknown qualities. If someone would design Kryptonite, which under the same conditions turns into water, this theory would completely fail to predict this.

Of course, you could update your theory to include Kryptonite, but it still would not include Zeptonium, which under the same conditions gives out gamma-rays.

Ridiculous, yes, but no more so than the conditions which would lead Eliezer to believe 2+2=3...