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Oh, I'm now deleted everywhere... Is that some account-merging gone wrong? (I had two users, with I think the same e-mail, and then could only log-in with my previously deleted account on LW2, ...)

Due to the new recommendations, I made a comment to an old post; it is now shown as comment by "[deleted]". Some left-overs from the great import?

Very late update: In the meantime products have become available with an EPA/DHA ratio of ~ 3/2 (prev. it was always 1/2). Price for monthly dose remained the same.

Pomodoro Technique: Using a simple phone app, scheduling 25 minutes of uninterrupted (attempt to) work, then guaranteed 5 minutes rest, etc.

Worked very well for me in the context of (software-development) work; there are a myriad tasks that are neither fun nor interesting, but which need to be done, and cannot be delegated to juniors. I started using pomodoros for half a day, where regular best-effort spouts of work are more important than being in "the zone" or perfectly rested and focused or whatever.

I'm quite sure that in my case it helped because I guaranteed myself that the un-fun part would soon be over: 25 minutes is actually extremely short for just about anything, the attempts didn't drain me, and this helped to stop procrastinating. As a result, the remaining work-day wasn't overshadowed by guilt (and also, doing that kind of work helps smoothen team-work, and so reaps other benefits as well).

The short-time part is very important BTW. Skipping the 5 minute rests made the technique ineffective quite quickly. Monkey see banana monkey want banana.

P.S.: The technique also helped me to avoid burning my brain-candle from both ends when I was working on something I liked extremely much. Instead of causing a crash-and-burn I could continue to work on that for longer, with better end-results.

I have to admit the most surprising part of that post is that you once got by with working 10h for a 40h job. Either the standards for work in some places are incredibly low, or your ability to pull off such a thing is one of the real reasons that such salary bump was possible.

Other than that, good luck with your experiment!

I'd consider it unnecessarily impolite to clearly link the real name of somebody to an article if the person has decided to "unlink" those works from one's identity. The possibility of something for everybody does not implicate that reducing the difficulty for everybody is something one ought to do.

I did not interpret his article as "I am superior to all", but as "Help, I act as I am superior to all!". I probably got that totally wrong, though, as like most of the times.

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