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"The Uchiha's eyes gleamed, almost as though he had activated his Smartingan. "

The funny thing is, with all the overblown OPness of the sharingan, it wouldnt be strange is somewhere there was an uchiha who could actually self-genjutsu into becoming smarter 

I can imagine two tomoes positioning up and down the pupil, and the third one forming a vertical line, creating an integral's symbol

"I do not think so. The Death Eaters learned, toward the end of the war, not to attack the Order's families."

So thats why they burned Narcisa 

Dude, a bad experiment going horribly wrong, is as classic as it gets

Had i not know how many chapters this fic has, i would assume we are nearing the end

Voldemort was incredibly ugly, therefore no woman would have served as his quasi-lover willingly, obviously 

I think Harry means sapient, 'cause every animal with a brain is sentient for sure, and maybe even plants are, to some degree 

That line of reasoning about the prophecy is extremely good, although i wonder if Snape was already a teacher at howarts by then

If he was, he could have overheard the prophecy, or read it from McGonagall's mind

But if he was not a teacher, and was also out there doing Dead Eater stuff, then yes, totally Dumbledore

The motto is: we shall end death, or we will die trying 

That ending was like, oh-my-gosh, totally the best, i cant even!

That was a little weak on Dumbledore, maybe because, if a person has lives that much and wants answers to life, they would have already gone to see the muggle world, and contrast their beliefs with those of people with more limited means

Even if magic cannot easily grant immortality, evil immortality is still on the table, thats a whole game changers for the questions of life, and just living much longer, and with more comfort, puts in perspective the advantages that wizards can historically get over muggles

Basically, its pretty rich to go martyr from a position of privilege, as compared with historical muggles 

Sure, Dumbledore has it bad, but there has been a whole world who could only dream of the benefits of having magic, and its life-improving perks

If one cares so much about the meaning of life, and sees death as a dignified end, then the first step would have been to improve the lifestyle of as much people as possible, but to have been sitting on this pile of benefits and still go emo over not enough answers, is just lame

Dumbledore is like a humanist who can only see a portion of humanity

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