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This goes to the saying “dress for the job you want - not the one you have” which many seem to misunderstand as a show for others when in fact the origin is based on the hypothesis that we’re constantly influenced by what we do & can actually project ourselves into a better situation by believing it to be possible.

The bank analogy brings to mind Apple - the brand: your privacy the most important thing to them. Therefore, although we have no way of knowing if thats actually true (as we’re all VERY aware of PR-based-branding ploys these days) we still buy into it because they’re much more likely to avoid tarnishing that brand by faking privacy concern than another brand who doesn’t pretend to care.

Whoa…You could likely correlate this to a string of societal factors going back through time as well such as: attractive child receives more attention & assistance in areas of difficulty, which leads to understanding & an ability to pull ahead, snowballing over time (& combining with further effects of attraction bias) throughout their education. Until eventually they’re easily able to retain more knowledge, therefore becoming more intelligent than the less attractive classmate.