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Against butterfly effect

Imo the idea of butterfly effect carries (for most people) the same confusion as the idea of free will.

Exercise: Taboo "Should"

Not because it removes the illusion of meaning, but because it makes you sound less cool. I'm thinking of conversations here, in solitary thinking it wouldn't make much difference imo.

Exercise: Taboo "Should"

Tbh switching from using "unhealthy" to "bad" can help cause it removes any trace of sophistication, thereby making this kind of usage less rewarding.

My favorite essays of life advice

I would love to see "life advice" that anyone here found valuable coming from people who are far from lw/startup/science/math/programming fields or from any "out" enough outgroup.

How to eradicate the desire to check time-wasting sites

Something I started looking for just today, and here it is, thank you. I noticed when I stop using most of the addictive things my habit of clicking on bookmarks slowly shifts to sites that don't give me any sort of fix (like checking weather) aside from the act of clicking itself. It feels rly dumb and this looks like a good potential remedy.

Extrapolating GPT-N performance

(ie., costing around $1B at current costs)

I’d be inclined to update that downwards, maybe an order of magnitude or so (for a total cost of ~$10-100B). Given hardware improvements in the next 5-10 years, I would expect that to fall further to ~$1-10B.

Am I reading it wrong or is there a typo?

In Addition to Ragebait and Doomscrolling

>perhaps a social stigma can develop
Social stigmas get traction via contempt, so that sounds promising.

Coronavirus: Justified Practical Advice Thread

Alcohol can damage some touchscreens, dunno about those public ones. The other problem might be that you'd be drying your hands more often.