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More like a statement, rather than an argument. 

Answer by GitdesAug 22, 202150

Socializing in general might be somewhat overlooked, but especially going out of your usual social circle, as I expect many readers to match the stereotype of an aspie that hangs out with other aspies.

This can of course backfire, but if we talking "may not have considered strongly enough" - that one is worth considering imo.


You mean consequences not limited by possible financial gain?


Not sure, sounds like you'd still have to recognize the expertise in this package, or of a package-creator. There are benefits, what I was saying is you don't have to wait for it.


Maybe I'm missing something but your wish can be fulfilled by hiring those different specialists separately (which is likely to be better than a bundle anyway).


Four arguments you start with also have "heres what I think other people should do" in common. If someone is deciding on whether or not use drugs or whether or not to exercise they will not miss the "fun" and "sucks" parts you point out below. When you Hanson out the "real" goal of saying something like that it's not strange at all, altho it might be explaining away too much, I'm not sure.


Is "Armored train" being there related to you watching AoT?


Thats what I meant ofc.


Imo the idea of butterfly effect carries (for most people) the same confusion as the idea of free will.

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