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Sustainable freedom? The problem is that everyone decides what freedom is. It's an empty bag and no one can prove that their version of liberalism is true. Not even a super-AI will be able to tell us what true freedom is. It might even say that true freedom is Death... Like the Kenyan sect that recently starved itself to death.

I'd like to talk a little more about intelligent ecological pluralism, but might possibly have to improve my ideas even more to really get people interested.

People talking a lot about "freedom" or "liberty" generally just care for their short term interests. We need sustainability.

Why would an AI which has been given the role of defending plurality start to think that paper clips are much more fun?

I suggest that we need an intelligent ecological value pluralism, some international laws that protect value plurality and possibly also a Guardian AI which protects value plurality.

Here is my shorter text:

Thanks for your support and the link list. I'll translate my longer text in a little while.

You seem to forget the love of complex life forms. Why do you presume a super-AI would love paper clips more than complex beings? Are paper clips more intelligent, funnier or sweeter than humans? A super-AI which choose paper clips over humans can't really be intelligent.

Humanity as well as AIs certainly need a better value thinking than the ones we now try to steer the world with. I have written a short text entitled "Value Pluralism and AI" and a longer text entitled "Intelligent Ecological Pluralism". The longer text has to be translated to English, but the shorter text is ready for publishing.

(It seems pretty clear to me that the more or less artificial super-intelligence already exists, and keeps an eye on our planet, so you might worry a bit too much. We might just have to convince the more or less universal super-intelligence that humanity is worth saving. It most probably already has made up its mind about that issue.)