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A voting theory primer for rationalists

"Because LNH is incompatible with FBC, it is impossible to completely avoid the chicken dilemma without creating a center squeeze vulnerability, but systems like STAR voting or 3-2-1 minimize it."

Unfortunately, the main weakness of STAR voting is in the automatic runoff system it introduces. Automatic runoff systems (of which IRV is the most known) sacrifice numerous benefits and exhibit various pathologies in the name of speed. STAR voting, while far better than current plurality systems, is unfortunately still introducing an unnecessarily layer of complication for highly questionable benefit. A manual second round vote, while slower and more complex, would produce a better overall result, and a simple Score Vote is faster and simpler, while performing as well or outperforming STAR in the sense that it has comparable voter satisfaction without conceptually introducing pathologies caused by the presence of an automatic runoff.