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Solving sleep: just a toe-dipping

I knew about melatonin and red/blue light from reading people in this community. I also had a vague understanding that circadian rhythms controlled falling asleep and were based on light, but I don't think I'd seen things spelled out as clearly as they are here. Thank you for putting this together and I do look forward to the rest of your series.

Solving sleep: just a toe-dipping

Didn't see the original, but it looks good now.

Open Thread, Jun. 15 - Jun. 21, 2015

(The line spacing got all wacko, sorry about that)

That prompted me to look up how to make line breaks in Markdown syntax, which I'd been wondering about myself for a while.

Try typing two or more spaces and then hitting enter
whenever you want a new line.

Stupid Questions June 2015

Thanks for responding. Unfortunately I think that guide only works for comments? Or at least, it only works for Markdown syntax. Do you know of any way to put Markdown syntax in a Main or Discussion post?

Lesswrong, Effective Altruism Forum and Slate Star Codex: Harm Reduction

Sorry for the late reply, and thanks for the offer! Unfortunately I wasn't actually talking about doing it myself, just putting it out there as an idea. Good luck though; it sounds like a valuable thing for the rationality community to have.

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Roadmap: Plan of Action to Prevent Human Extinction Risks

Improbable idea for surviving heat death: computers made from time crystals. (h/t Nostalgebraist and Scott)

[Informal/Colloquial] Open Survey: Ideas for Improving Less Wrong

Keep the same upvote/downvote system for individual comments and posts, but don't keep a total karma score for each user on their user page. Alternatively, keep a total karma score, but don't keep a total percent-positive score. (I believe the EA forum uses the former system, and Reddit the latter, but please correct me if I'm wrong about this.) [pollid:1006]

[Informal/Colloquial] Open Survey: Ideas for Improving Less Wrong

True, but that's only from a very limited number of sources (~4?); it doesn't include the dozens of smaller blogs. It's also a straight feed--no filtering out of housekeeping, meta posts, etc.--and it only shows 5 links which are quickly pushed aside by newer ones, while a section for links would keep all of them accessible and searchable.

[Informal/Colloquial] Open Survey: Ideas for Improving Less Wrong

Ideas from recent discussion regarding changes to the Promotion system:

[in progress]

Have Promotion be based on some kind of popular vote (not necessarily karma) or some other kind of community decision, instead of an Editor's decision. [pollid:1004]

Allow posts from Discussion to be Promoted without having to first be moved to Main.

[Informal/Colloquial] Open Survey: Ideas for Improving Less Wrong

This is already possible by logging into the Username account and sending a message or reply from there, but we could do something to make it more convenient. Thanks for the idea.

ETA: One possible issue with this I see is that the anonymity might encourage people to be meaner than they would be when posting/messaging under their main account, but perhaps there are ways around this?


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