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People always seem to forget about the more realistic zoo hypothesis.
Something that even humanity would do if we made contact with a less developed species/civilization.

Yes I know of that one, I was referring to the 'Disclosure Act' that really sets a precedent of mentioning recovered space craft and bodies. This is new territory that people should really pay more attention, regardless of the outcome.

Finally some really detailed analysis on this recent subject.
I'm surprised how little this has been discussed and represents a really interesting subject to bet on.
I find a lot of similarities to the AGI topic, even if we do need to keep some skepticism.

I can assure you that list is US centric. There are plenty of reported sightings in all of Europe in the last 30 years.
The 90s especially and there are several 'mass sightings' that I've read about in Portugal that are simply not in that list.
There is a clear lack of centralized information about all the world ufo reports, even if their explanation is prozaic.

This is a very interesting topic, since from my own perception there is a high market inefficiency regarding this topic, and the lack of international press around the recent developments on the USA Congress UAP hearings.