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> A mysterious but trustworthy agent named "Laplace's Demon" has recently appeared, and informed everyone that, to a first approximation, the world is currently in one of seven possible quantum states.

What is the word "quantum" doing there? Repeat with me: Quantum superpositions are not about epi...(read more)

>The following rules are stipulated: There are four possible outcomes, either "Hillary elected and US Nuked", "Hillary elected and US not nuked", "Jeb elected and US nuked", "Jeb elected and US not nuked". Participants in the market can buy and sell contracts for each of those outcomes, the cont...(read more)

Would buying him the first round count? ;-)

OTOH "venusian" sounds like it's about the planet.

to the extent that 'paternalism' implies 'when done by males' I would perhaps want to use a different word


(And "maternalism" when done by females? ;-))

You won't get approached by women just for looking good

Speak for yourself! :-)

> Since other people are biologically similar to me, they probably say "I'm conscious" for the same reason as me, so it makes sense to believe them.

[Be careful]( ([2]( more)

Meh. You can have two systems of coordinates related to each other by r\_1 = R\_Earth^2/r\_2, theta\_1 = theta\_2, phi\_1 = phi\_2, t\_1 = t\_2 and as per general relativity both will give you the same answers if you use them right. (But one of the two will be much much easier to use right than the ...(read more)