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I really appreciated the post! A lot of food for thought. 

It seems like something you might talk about more in the next edition, with green-according-to-blue, but there are just a few pieces of how I think about green that this post didn't explicitly capture, although maybe it's encoded in some of the yin-vs-yang discussions:

  • Green has the memory of traditions. Where white remembers the text of the law, and blue the equation, green remembers why the law was put in place in the first place, and what overstep it was intended to counter. 
  • Where blue spends most of its attention on the nodes, green excels at paying attention to the edges between the nodes, the relationships. Green sees all things as connected, and sees the spacing and orientation of those connections as just as important as the things themselves.

I don't doubt that a lab leak is possible, but I would be curious to hear arguments about how, if it was leaked from the lab in Wuhan, it was spreading in Italy and Brazil months earlier:

It does make sense to me that a lab working with similar pathogens would be on the lookout for clusters of new disease and would be likely to sequence any new disease clusters.