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Hi, new visitor here and I've just signed up.

I'm puzzled about the location of curated posts. The FAQ says this:


Each week, LessWrong’s moderation team selects on average three posts which seem to us to be especially well-written, insightful, instructive, or otherwise important. These are tagged as curated posts and appear with a star icon next to the title.

The three most recently curated posts appear in the Curated section. You can view more Curated posts by clicking View All Curated Posts or selecting the Curated filter on the AllPosts page.

Beneath the Curated section is a button to subscribe via email or RSS to curated posts (~3/week).

But when I go to the homepage, I don't see any Curated section. Below the ad for the book set, I see Recommendations, then below that Latest, then below that Recent Discussion. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance :)