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Firstly, praise. These regular posts are very informative.

Secondly, an enquiry. Recently (within the week) the UK Government pulled back on ordering doses on (what would have been) one of only two available inactivated vaccines. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is due to geopolitics (the company, Valneva, is French). Do you have any specific information on this?

Australia did go into recession. Well, in aggregate, the country didn't. But per capita GDP dipped by 13% over 2009 (currently trying to find more detailed (quarterly, monthly) stats, will link when found).

The reason this change was not registered by GDP proper is because the Australian population increased commensurately over this time, and most of this was in immigration - Australia's population at the time (2007) was 20.9m, and at its peak the Australian population was increasing, calculated at 450k per year in the critical period.

I offer a different perspective on the same subject:

The author predicts the 2008 crash by reference to credit expansion (a la the Austrians) and land speculation (a la the Classicists).