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before the FTX sale to Binance

Proposed sale. It didn't transpire.

The answer might be genetics, so while that would be potentially interesting from a gene therapy point of view, if we find a food contaminant or environmental pollutant is causing the obesity epidemic, that might be much easier to fix - by banning it. After all, there might be many genes of individually small effect involved in resistance to this hypothetical contaminant or pollutant, and those genes might have all sorts of side-effects.

But you are right that by studying these people, and comparing them to obese people, we might in principle discover some (altered) biochemical pathway that is enlightening to know about.

I think I may have ADHD [edit: I do], but I think this: "I'll look at the clock and just suddenly realize that I wasn't working for the past half hour." is a more severe version of a problem that I have. For me, this problem never lasts for more than 5-10 minutes before I notice, unless perhaps I am very sleep-deprived. And for me, it is usually caused by sleep deprivation (which causes me to slip into daydreaming, or "microsleep"). Have you considered that you might have ADHD and/or sleep deprivation? If you do, then getting treatment for it might help more than any particular time management system.

And this goes for anyone who has particularly severe problems with time management as well, I suppose. It doesn't mean you necessarily do have ADHD, but it does mean you should check the diagnostic criteria for ADHD, in my opinion.


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Yishan Wong, the former CEO of Reddit, already has, so you might ask him - but I suggest you read all his blog posts on the subject first so that you don't ask anything that he's already covered.