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Interesting for sure, but I don't think rings can match the level of a magnet that's implanted beneath the skin. Must be at least a factor of 100 in terms of sensitivity, the magnet on the inside will vibrate in very close proximity to the nerves in your fingers, way more fidelity. I can feel loads on fairly weak appliances, very easily determine ferrous vs non-ferrous--including the degree to which a material is ferrous. Most of the time I forget all about them, until I randomly feel the vibration and realize I'm close to a field. I noticed you said you couldn't really feel laptop charger/transformers, I can definitely perceive these with an internal magnet; At this point the magnet feels as if it's a part of me, I would very much notice and miss it if for some reason I woke up without it tomorrow. I definitely wouldn't recommend parylene or titanium nitride coatings, both have been absolute disasters in terms of coatings that fail after a year or two. Titanium is the best by far, second place implant grade silicone. Been about 4 years for me and I can still lift the heaviest object I could (USB flash drive) when I first had it put in. Definitely don't want to do this procedure to/by yourself, depending on your location, I would very very much recommend local anesthesia via lidocaine (legal grey area for body mod artists, as they aren't licensed anesthesiologists), but I would absolutely recommend it. I've been told it's a very very painful procedure, scalpel slicing open your finger and then cutting tissue out to make the "pocket" for the magnet, with lidocaine however, I felt 0 pain whatsoever. I believe it causes much less trauma and therefore a better healing process, but that's not something I can prove with hard data as it doesn't exist.