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Is it possible to purchase the 2018 annual review books anywhere? I can find an Amazon link for the 2019 in stock, but the 2018 is out of stock (is that indefinite?).

Re: "up-skilling": I think this is underestimating the value of developing maturity in an area before trying to do novel research. These are two separate skills, and developing both simultaneously from scratch doesn't seem like the fastest path to proficiency to me. Difficulties often multiply.

There is a long standing certification for "proving you've learned to do novel research", the PhD. A prospective student would find it difficult to enter a grad program without any relevant coursework, and it's not because those institutions think they have equal chances of success as a student who does.


I think it's more fair to say humans were "trained" over millions of years of transfer learning, and an individual human is fine tuned using much less data than Chinchilla.

Can we join the race to create dangerous AGI in a way that attempts to limit the damage it can cause, but allowing it to cause enough damage to move other pivotal acts into the Overton window?

If the first AGI created is designed to give the world a second chance, it may be able to convince the world that a second chance should not happen. Obviously this could fail and just end the world earlier, but it would certainly create a convincing argument.

In the early days of the pandemic, even though all the evidence was there, virtually no one cared about covid until it was knocking on their door,  and then suddenly pandemic preparedness seemed like the most obvious thing to everyone.