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Closed Beta Users: What would make you interested in using LessWrong 2.0?

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Why you should attend EA Global and (some) other conferences

3 min read
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HPMOR Wrap Parties: Resources, Information and Discussion

3 min read
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LW 2.0 Strategic Overview

23 min read
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All activity between now and 7:00PM on the page will be lost.

Hmm, you can see all recent posts on /daily on the new LW.

Sorry for not being around more! We launched the Community/Meetup interface just before we announced the vote, so I've been busy polishing that up and making sure everything for that works.

Now that that system works more stably, I will be more responsive in answering questions about the vote and ...(read more)

Oh, huh. I didn't realize this as a bug. Thanks for pointing it out!

We have plans to allow people better filtering options for comments and posts in general, somewhat similar to what greaterwrong has to show posts sorted by month and year. So that would fix this problem. I am hesitant to allow th...(read more)

The site should now work properly on Firefox 48. Are there any other browsers you use on which it still breaks?

Yeah, we are working on browser compatibility. I actually just figured out what was causing your specific bug, so that one should be fixed within at least the next two or three days.

Some navigation aspects are definitely hard to make work with javascript completely disabled (example: The hamburge...(read more)

Yep, I agree with this. I've learned quite a few things from the GreaterWrong design and overall think that the LW2 UI will be significantly better because of that. It's great to have a platform that experiments in a very different direction from the main site.

(i.e. There should be no further issues with LaTeX not rendering)

Yeah, that's a bug. I am planning to remove the whole website field soon anyways.

Alas, I haven't been super much on top of support lately, so sorry for not responding.

Sorry for this happening. I mistook you for Eugine_Nier, who was spamposting with a bunch of highly political stuff right at the minute you made your first few comments. It looks like you accidentally posted a c...(read more)