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"Partners with competition" group - results

1 min read
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Teaching rationality in a lyceum

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Currently, this file is for group members only. We have to think about the possibility of sharing it.

This file doesn't contain specific results of any time period because there are no such group results. Just goal, strategy, current state and studying interests, as I wrote earlier.

I've mailed CFAR ( or should I have mailed people directly?

Is there anyone from this group? I want to ask them one question: "What are the results of using #daily_log channel in your slack group? Did you get any productivity boost?"

Side note: The two links you provided don't work under Russian IP, German and US VPN (under ZenMate for Mozilla from Russia). However, they are OK under Opera VPN from Russia. Strange.

Some time passed, so I see a couple of plausible reasons why there is no info yet:

  1. There was no such public group.
  2. People who participate in this group or know about this group haven't seen my request.
    Did I miss something?

Some time ago I saw the information (don't remember where) about a group which was focused on learning [AI Safety syllabus]( or [MIRI guide]( Does this group exist?

Perhaps my memory fails me and I remember infor...(read more)

TL;DR - A man is searching for a rival to grow together.

Hello everyone! This comment was inspired by [Anti-Lone Wolf]( and [Stronger Together]( posts. ...(read more)