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I would be interested in organizing this if no one else will. Would like the tips

Not really. May be worth listening to while washing dishes or something but nothing essential.

If people agree the test is fair and the randomization is fair, I'm not convinced it would not be stable after a generation or two. Pure sortition does retain that advantage, the IQ filter reduces this but the filter could be adjusted to increase stability. For example, say it took only the 50th percentile. At this level, coordination would be difficult as no one would want to publicly admit they weren't eligible for sortition. Perhaps this would remain true if only the 90th percentile were selected, if not the 99th.

If anyone is interested in playing an AI box experiment game, I'd be interested in being the gatekeeper.


Just be sure I'm understanding you correctly, what you're saying is average utilitarianism prescribes creating lives that are not worth living so long as they are less horrible than average. This does seem weird. Creating a life that is not worth living should be proscribed by any sane rule!


I don't find this objection super compelling. Isn't the reason average utilitarianism was proposed was because people find mere addition unattractive?


Another fine point. People with lives worth living shouldn't feel the need to suicide when they learn they are dragging down the average. I believe average preference utilitarianism is a patch for this though.

I can think of various patches, but I should probably read more on the topic first. Do you have any recommendations for a textbook or a book on population ethics?

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200, or 400 if you count matching.

I watched it based on this recommendation. I'll second it - great fun, great animation, but I don't mind CGI. I thought I detected some Hannu Rajaniemi influences, too.

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I imagine a lot of the selection was indirect selection for neoteny. I think it would be much, much harder to select for domestication in octopi, as they do not raise their young.

I've been looking for a good Anime/Manga podcast? The one's I've found have been ok but not exactly what I'm hoping for. Anyone know of one?

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