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Hate9's Shortform

I'm glad to hear there's a proper solution planned at some point since mine is somewhat hacky, but I'm not surprised there's no clear timeline.

Hate9's Shortform

I've been wanting to set LessWrong as my home page for a while but kept avoiding it because the site is so visibly bright.

I looked up ways of viewing the site without hurting my eyes and found https://www.greaterwrong.com, but didn't really like it.

Then I found https://github.com/lfaucon/lessbright, which looked right, but wasn't technically the real LessWrong site (which meant it couldn't tell I was logged in, among other things).

But I already use Stylus to apply stylesheet modifications to webpages, so I looked at lessbright's source code, found the CSS code it used to change the site's appearance, and applied that to a new Stylus style (although my second monitor doesn't have very good contrast, so I used 100% instead of 92%):

html {

And now the site looks exactly how I want it!


Just figured I'd share this, in case the site's excessive brightness annoys anyone else.