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I think you accidentally a digit when editing this. It now says "7% accuracy".

my two cents on the fingertip marks thing: it definitely happens, but normal amounts of practice and play don't generally cause them to last very long. if you see them, it's very good evidence that the person plays a string instrument, but you're not that likely to see them, so absence isn't good evidence to the contrary.

Conservatives do this, but so do leftists, so all you really learn is that they're not a democrat. And even then, it's not that strong evidence.

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In a similar vein, I have only ever seen the term "classical liberal" used by people who identify with the term.

Oh, also it looks like you forgot to finish your sentence in the astrology section.

In-line with lace code is flagging, which has also mostly fallen out of use recently, and is not really done by gay youth these days, but you'll still sometimes see it with older folks. Notably, to my knowledge, it has somewhat less geographic variation in colors than the lace code stuff does (though there still is some).

I know it's a joke, but I really wanna know what the paid posts actually are.
I really hope they get posted somewhere tomorrow because apparently bitcoin is at $58 right now, and that's a pretty steep price to see a few joke posts.

Oooooh man, I relate to this too hard.

While your specific examples of things you were ignoring are different from mine, and I never developed the judgemental worldview you mentioned in "…and now?", I realized a while ago that this was something I was/am doing, and that it'd been causing me to ignore important things.

I think it might be more common with AMABs, due to the way they're generally socialized. Toxic masculinity's a bitch, y'all.

Also, I specify "AMABs" instead of "guys" because apparently one of the things I was ignoring is that I'm trans; yay me for managing to intentionally miss THAT for 22 years.

I agree. I definitely would have run through common encodings before going to Markov Chains.

I'm glad to hear there's a proper solution planned at some point since mine is somewhat hacky, but I'm not surprised there's no clear timeline.

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