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Peter's COVID Consolidated Brief for 29 March

Thanks for putting these updates together! :)

Implementing an Idea-Management System
Um, isn't that basically a wiki?

Just picking up on this one point - I've used a bunch of personal wikis in the past; they just haven't stuck for me. Roam has some nice features around this, like backlinking (so just by idly putting something in [[brackets]] you're starting to collate a list of pages under that term) and searching through text to find 'missing links', neither of which I've seen in wikis.

An Exercise in Applied Rationality: A New Apartment

Some thoughts:

  • buy nice homeware. The temptation is always to scrimp, but you're going to be using this stuff regularly for at least the length of your lease, and maybe years beyond that, so splash out on nice kitchenware (knives, nonstick pans, chopping boards, a rice cooker) and bathroom stuff (especially towels).
  • similarly, if there's stuff that needs fixing, do it right away - then you get the benefit of it for longer. For example, use draft excluder tape to seal the gaps around doors, fix radiators that don't work, rearrange furniture if you don't like the way it currently sits.
  • put your phone to charge somewhere away from your bed. (I've yet to be able to make this one stick, but maybe being somewhere new will help!)

Mostly moving into a new place really reveals the holes in my time (especially if you don't have a TV or haven't set one up yet), so try to be aware of where your time's going before you develop a routine and stop thinking about it critically.

A LessWrong Crypto Autopsy
decided that people would probably use LaTeX more often than trying to use the dollar sign

Err... this seems like the kind of thing that *really* wouldn't stand up to user testing.

What are you learning?

How do you Ankify knowledge like that? Or, to be specific, what's on the other side of those cards in Anki?

What are you learning?

Interesting stuff. I've not had a great deal of success with OkC, but I tend to get bored of the dating site cycle – the few dates I've been on haven't been very exciting, and I tend to prefer meeting people in person (like at parties) as I find that more immediately engaging and exciting.

Could you link to your OkC profile? It'd be interesting to have a look at!

Want to have a CFAR instructor visit your LW group?

Cat, are you (or another instructor) planning any more trips to Europe? I'm sad to have missed out on your previous class!

Best of Rationality Quotes, 2013 Edition

Great idea! I'm tempted to chop these up and put them into a mailing list - I feel they would be more useful in a one-quote-a-day format than in one big block.

The mechanics of my recent productivity

Argh - just had a little twinge when I saw that you were born in 1989. You're the same age as me, but have done so much more!

Congratulations on reaching your goals. Reading this has reminded me that I ought to do the same.

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