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Can anyone refute these arguments that we live on the interior of a hollow Earth?


Hypothethesis, with some issues.

Without doing research or being influenced by any previously made statements or research, I began to play with the thought that we could in fact actually be living in a massive cave. The asteroids that land on our plain, actually come from the cave ceiling.

The cave is so large that we cannot with the naked eye see this ceiling. But there may be a way we actually do at a certain time- at night, when the "stars" are visible.

Down on the ground we have caves, both underground and inside of the mountains. Some of them have a cloudy, misty atmosphere on the ceiling. In some of them the cloud completely obscures the ability to see the ceiling above them.

Some of these same types of caves have glowing organisms that are dotted around the ceiling and walls. The ground is covered with bits of rock that have, with time, detached themselves from the cave ceiling and rained down on the ground below.

Given this kind of cave system that does exist in parts of the world, can cause this theory that we live in a massive cavern, be plausible.

We have clouds above. The stars are out at night (some visible in the day) Meteors raining down on our plain.

The missing links or issues to this is with the fact that we have a sun and a moon. How these fit in this whole picture is another enigma to crack.

It happens that some cavern systems get flooded with water. The water, however, doesn't always from from the rain seeping into the cavern, but comes from somewhere else under the ground.

There are many different ancient storys from countries around the world that talk about a great flood, or floods that covered most of the Earth at some point or various times in the ancient past. These storys are independant from each other because of the fact that these civilizations were not aware that there were others out there far beyond their borders. So the flood storys are likely true.

There is the notion with some pretty compelling evidence out there that all water actually comes from underground, and that we are not living in a bathtub so-to-speak with some land mass sticking out above the water's surface, and that this watery "bath-tub" has always been here.

We have a lot of hard evidence from marine archaeology where we have found ruins and cities under the ocean in the deep, and even in very deep places. This can only be the absolute proof so far that they drowned when the water from underground rose. That the water continues to rise with time, may not necessarily be due to the ice-caps melting, but could largely be that the water vents under the ocean are releasing water, though, at a very slow rate.

This could very well be used to support the Flat Earth theory further, and that our known plain is far more vast than we currently believe.

Before this water filled the cities below the, today, ocean floor, one would begin to think, "how much water below the Earth surface was there before this happened?

" About 71 percent of the Earth's surface is water-covered..."


If we reverse this into the 71 % of this current water when in a frozen state in snow caps and ice mountains, when thinking about these cities now under the deep ocean, we' figure that these areas were then only about 29% dry land when these cities existed where they do now.

When we look at the map of the Earth and see how it is supposedly the the largest extent covered with water. And then we have cities and other anomalies that look man-made, and that now lay at the bottom of the ocean, we cannot help but wonder where does such vast amounts of water come from?

We are talking about a lot of water here. This water could simply not have been frozen solid in vast ice reservoires anywhere near us. Such ice caps would have to reach a large number of miles into the sky to keep it in place until a time it starts to melt, run down these ice-mountains creating an ocean, filling the land below.

So, the water must likely originate from underground, and/or also comes from beyond our known plain.

I hope this didn't sound too unclear. I hope that perhaps these thoughts and ideas may be of some use to further research.

Thank you.