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April Fools - Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality Joke Chapter

I will decide what to do with the joke website/domain tomorrow morning. Doing anything with the actual joke text would require approval from the other authors.

Personally (as in not at all representing everyone responsible - as in this is my own opinion, and I'm not speaking for shockwave or anyone else) I sort of feel like rationalist/ even more general HJPEV admirers should be able to notice the confusion** they have upon finding the joke, and then think it through by themselves. If there was ever an audience who would be well served by and able to appreciate a friendly reminder to apply critical thinking to their everyday lives, wouldn't it be this one? I kind of hope so.

Also, I find the (overwhelmingly positive) responses this has been getting to be fantastically enjoyable to read.

Anyway, most likely we will at least put up some kind of warning on the places where people are finding the joke URL. This should give people with language differences, or barriers of any kind, a fair chance.

**such as the writing style being off, the content somewhat absurd, the URL being different, the chapter not being due for a few more days, the page behaving differently, the real chapter not existing on fanfiction.net, being unable to leave a review of the chapter, the April fools message at the bottom, the lack of any authors notes, the absence of a new chapter alert email (or on the rss feed, twitter) and the lack of a matching post on the new hpmor website the fic has moved too.