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Dying Outside

My response may seem out of context with the others, because I do not know you personally. However, because we share the same name (I have always wondered if your 'real' first name is Harold like mine) and you have so much involvement in the technology field...you are a top Google result when I Google "our" name. My grandfather (also named Hal Finney) was a baseball player for the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 1930's. His baseball stats are also high ranking Google results.

Bottom line, I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis with ALS. I have followed your work and publications (ok, i don't know what all they are about...I sell heavy equipment, so crytography is not my bag) for years. Heck, I've been a Hal Finney fan for years. As I read this blog, clearly you have a lot of other fans as well.

I doubt we'll ever meet. Just know there's a guy in Alabama pulling for you. I am glad that you have chosen to be in the 10%. I know you will blaze a new trail for ALS patients just like you have in other fields you have been involved with.

Best wishes.

HAL FINNEY Birmingham, AL