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"Considering the consequences of your actions and deciding on the acceptable trade-offs". This should work I think.

I don't know. Need help figuring that out too. The thing that is making me uncomfortable is that these are mostly things I have taken for granted, and they just sound right to me. I have not examined them, or considered any of the alternatives seriously.

I need some way to examine the core beliefs of my life and evaluate whether they are actually sensible or just what I have grown up thinking? Just thinking about these things and trying to evaluate them is not working, since what I already know seems correct (Confirmation bias), and my mind is just going around in circles.

Here are some of the things I believe strongly, that I want to examine, and proof of one should not come from an unproven point.

  • Being a religious agnostic
  • Believing that things should be proven using the method of "scientific enquiry and experimentation".
  • Individual freedom is paramount. Society should give people freedom to practice their own religion, sexual preference, occupation, way of living etc, as long as it doesn't harm others. => This is typical liberal stuff, but what is the criteria for evaluation? What function are we trying to maximise, and how do we calculate what the return value is?
  • Reading a lot of books to expose myself to new ways of thinking.
  • Travel as a means of personal development. => Learning new languages, meeting new people etc to gain a varied perspective on life.