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Given that the first installment mentions that Akon's words would be "inscribed for all time in the annals of history", any internally consistent conclusion would have to feature some subsequent contact with humanity.

Pardon my lapse in fourth-wall etiquette.

The Confessor finds Akon's acceptance of part of the terms of capitulation flawed, and stuns him, effectively relieving him of command. The rest of the crew deliberate over their options.

Something about Akon's unwillingness to warn the Babyeaters of the Superhappy's plans set my "Plot Device" warning lights off. Might the rest of the story involve following the Babyeater's starline to attempt to warn/renegotiate with them, and, upon probably failing, detonating that sun to protect the Babyeaters (who didn't choose to capitulate) and consigning humanity to a marathon carnal surplus-infant-eating future?

Not that I don't struggle to come up with a rational case for this course of action, or even to rationalise it. It's just that humanity advocating the universal eating of babies is the sort of perverse outcome I'd expect from following alien first principles to their logical conclusions.

Is there also a Scooby Doo ending, like in Wayne's World?