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Song for a Red Planet

Not all filk is derived from existing folk songs, filk just means "science fiction folk" as far as I know.

Jan Bloch's Impossible War

As long as we can include a link back to the original blog post, sure.

Occam's Guillotine

I was considering something like a bike 'assistance'

A bike is a form of mechanical leverage assistance that allows us to reach speeds we would not otherwise be able to with the human body. Similarly, hang glider wings and the like are a form of mechanical leverage that allows us to fly when we would not otherwise be able to with the human body. Humans are kind of pathetic without technology, we can't do so much as push a nail into a piece of wood without some form of mechanical assistance.

Occam's Guillotine

I can see the basis of arguments that ethics could not be solved with hard science, I disagree with them but they at least have some basis. But psychology? Really? Are human beings not part of reality? Are human brains just magical boxes beyond our mortal comprehension? The hard problems of consciousness will be solved eventually. Cognitive neuroscience is making strong strides. Once we have a map of the connectome we'll be well on our way to really understanding how brains work. Psychology should absolutely be treated as a hard science.

Occam's Guillotine

" it's obvious that designing a society also involves solving questions outside the hard sciences"

these questions should not be outside the hard sciences, that's the point Alfred Korzybski was making all the way back in 1921. There's no reason we shouldn't be trying to treat ethics and psychology like hard sciences.

How effective are tulpas?

I'm actually working on a post for that, but writing it has been rather hard.

How effective are tulpas?

Not since I've updated around keeping my identity small. I intend to but my writing queue is quite long at this point.

Sleepwalking Toward Armageddon

These are sufficiently good questions that I want to research them and I'll get back to you.

How effective are tulpas?

I think what I'm describing here is a bit more advanced in terms of internal rearrangement than "simple mental parts"

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