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Leaving beta: Voting on moving to
the top navbar that folds down as soon as I scroll up, covering the text I scrolled up to see, is a common web misfeature

That definitely gets my vote for my biggest irritant on this site. The first thing I did after creating an account is to look in preferences for a way to prevent the bar from ever appearing. I suppose I am in the habit of being able to use the up-arrow key to scroll the window up a little bit, reliably, so that once I've hit the up arrow key and the page changes in any way (and my browser is the app that has focus) I can assume the scroll happened after the briefest glance at the page, and I can immediately turn my attention to something else.

When I need to interact with the elements that now live on the bar, I would be prepared to scroll to the top of the page or (if I don't want to lose my place on the page) to visit LW2 in a new tab.

I'm also prepared to install a Chrome extension if that is the easiest way for someone to implement what I'm asking for.

Happy to answer questions sent to

Leaving beta: Voting on moving to

By the time I got around to casting my vote 7 days and a few hours after the vote was announced, the vote was already closed.

The reason I mention that is that I hope LW2 will in the future try to accommodate people who usually go more than 7 days between visits to LW2.