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He's what I would call a living puzzle. From my first encounters with late Daniel Clement Dennett III till his passing, I've always felt he needed to be put together like a jigsaw; perhaps that says more about the randomness of our bumpings-into-each other on the network than anything else.

He said of himself that he was an autodidact, which is wonderful news for those with a tanha (craving) for knowledge.

His deep (?) interest in memes as some kinda theoretical framework for the ideaverse has merit, his work though is non finito. If Dawkins is god (of memes), Dennett was for certain the high priest.

To sum up, the fecundity of this tree was limited only by its death.

Requiescat in pace 🥀💀


Si, it's standing-ovation stuff. What I find odd is that the lyrics are human. I suppose, less out of necessity, but more out of possibility. If one were to classify the AI music, which bucket (Euro/Afro/Asio) would it fall into? I wonder ... a mashup perhaps? If this ain't your style, maybe something else is ... and so ... bucket.


As far as I'm concerned, you're one of few who show an interest in what could be loosely termed as a epistemological map. I've met a few netizens with the same intention although most of them were interested in the organogram of a single, specific discipline like mathematics.  

Your synopsis of how your system is constructed bears the hallmark of well-intentioned, dedicated effort. You get a gold star for that, everyone should agree.

I can sense the dynamism, the vital energy, in the centerpiece of your project, ACTION. It's reminiscent of Schopenhauer's WILL, but this time, it's will to a PURPOSE, which I'm heartened to read includes morality/ethics at a scale that is as of now purely imaginary. Bold, hopeful, and restorative!

Good Luck and I pray that I've not misread you.


His magnum opus was definitely his extensive work on cognitive biases, though his Nobel was in economics.

Requiescat in pace Daniel.