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Is there a mu-like term that means something like "why is this any of my business?"

Are "whatever" and "I don't care" are still too sneering for your taste? It's intrinsically expressing a value judgment on the question if you claim it's not relevant (for you) to know the right answer to. So I'd expect any response for it to quickly take on a sneering connotation…

Conspicuous saving

The likely result of public wealth information in third world countries is that you will get robbed or that relatives come to get a "loan" they never pay back. Any status signalling would be minuscule by comparison. So independently of whether this proposal would be a good idea in rich countries, your example doesn't help to motivate it.

Different kinds of language proficiency

It's interesting to me that you feel a stronger emotional connection to a language you speak less well – and other commenters seem to have a similar sentiment. I think I only have that for very emotionally charged statements (i.e. "I love you") and not for normal conversation. I usually prefer to talk in the language which I have recently used least, and also the language where there's most native speakers present. When I'm confused about the language spoken, I default to English – but I still get a weird feeling if I'm speaking English to a group which consists exclusively of other German native speakers.

Thoughts on the $GME situation

I think you are treating this too much like a normal trade situation; my impression is that the whole thing is mostly driven by people wanting to stick it to hedge funds. They "spent" some money on the good fun and have written off the amount.

Lifelong investments

I moved around quite a bit and every move was worth it from my perspective: Moves for university brought a lot of friendships I still maintain, moves for work brought 10x increases in savings, both kinds brought valuable experience. I now have a strong network from multiple communities which is … distributed all over Europe.

Over the last 3 years I've been trying to optimise toward the more local investments you talk about, to find a place where there already is community and where I can imagine staying long-term (success) and where I can contribute to the community and make investments in it (establish a group house + hub. Success for 1 year out of 2 year existence). Build a life with someone (failure).

I'm lucky that I am now for already 2 years in a place where I want to make new investments and where I can build on the investments I already made in other places. So I'm quite excited for what the next years bring :) I didn't particularly like the place I grew up in and I feel that I'd be missing out if I had tried to make local investments there.

So I guess this is partly corroborating what you say, but with a very different perspective?

Would most people benefit from being less coercive to themselves?

I'm holding my judgment for now on whether this whole non-coercion business, but I'd like you to know that I appreciate you writing about it and I'm looking forward to the continuation so that I can evaluate whether it sounds like a worthwhile experiment :)

Why indoor lighting is hard to get right and how to fix it

Has anyone here looked into metal halide lamps? They seem to be cheap, similarly efficient as LEDs, and since they are available in basically arbitrary brightness they solve the problem that it's really hard to find space for all these fixtures for LEDs. I'm moving in a few months and I'm currently planning to outfit my new place with at least 1–2 of them in addition to LED, so any advice is welcome.

What's your favorite notetaking system?

I use a fountain pen with a thin A6 paper notebook, one private and one for work. I start a new page for every new context, and put off-topic notes (random thoughts, names of people) into the right margin of the current page. Things I want to look up later get annotated on the left margin. My work notebook also has an error log on the last pages.

Realistically, most on-topic notes are write-only, but the process of writing them helps me to remember the content, and on occasion I actually refer back to them.

I like this system because I neither need to carry a laptop or keyboard, nor need to type on a phone. My notes also don't clutter that much – on a laptop, they tend to stay on the desktop "so that I can easily go through it later", which of course never happens.

A disadvantage of my current system is that the notes are not searchable, and do not have a backup. I considered updating to a reMarkable, but so far found the price tag too high for my purposes.

Chris Pikula Belongs in the Magic Hall of Fame

I agree with the point that we should reward people who change things to the better *in general*. However, I find it weird to transfer this sentiment to a game: There's nothing inherently bad about making espionage, sleight of hands and rules lawyering part of the competition. Different people will enjoy it, other people will end up on top, that's all. I get that you prefer the current situation, but from an outside perspective, this seems like a neutral change to me.

Rationalist Lent is over

I committed to give up all obvious sugar except birthday cakes, which ended up being more like "give up obvious sugar except offered" – there were 3 non-birthday occasions where I caved in. I'm still happy with the result: Before this lent, I often found myself in the situation that I saw some sweets, knew that I actually don't like them that much, but ate them anyway. At least during the days since end of lent (2 days earlier for me because I went to Italy and the traditional and only breakfast available seems to be cookies and jam), I was able to resist precisely these situations, and I hope it won't take too much effort to keep it that way.

I learned from this experience that commitments are very effective for me personally (as opposed to "generally a good thing") and I want to do this more regularly than just once a year.

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