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And national holidays don't even involve the same trade-offs as company holidays (i.e. for infrastructure usage), so even if we accept that there should be more company holidays, maybe there is an optimal number of national holidays.

But in practice, most people take a lot more vacation days than there are national holidays - which suggests that the current number of holidays is too small.

Wait, what? You're arguing that – from the business perspective – vacation days would be inferior to holidays. But now you're using that claim as an argument for itself.

Even after reading this comment it took me a while to find this option, so for anyone who similarly didn't know about that option:

On the start page, below "Latest", you can add a new filter. Then, click on that filter and adjust the numbers or entirely hide a category.

  1. and 3) have been continuously happening, so I assume you want a revival of 1) the coworkings?

We don't have the location Dustin Space any more, so we'd need a place to host this. Do you have ideas for it?

Arne and me want to set up a new bigger EA/rationalist flatshare again (desired location ~Wipkingen), which would be able to host events. So far, we haven't gotten enough resonance to take further steps. So I guess this is also a request to contact me on that topic if interested :)

Are "whatever" and "I don't care" are still too sneering for your taste? It's intrinsically expressing a value judgment on the question if you claim it's not relevant (for you) to know the right answer to. So I'd expect any response for it to quickly take on a sneering connotation…

The likely result of public wealth information in third world countries is that you will get robbed or that relatives come to get a "loan" they never pay back. Any status signalling would be minuscule by comparison. So independently of whether this proposal would be a good idea in rich countries, your example doesn't help to motivate it.

It's interesting to me that you feel a stronger emotional connection to a language you speak less well – and other commenters seem to have a similar sentiment. I think I only have that for very emotionally charged statements (i.e. "I love you") and not for normal conversation. I usually prefer to talk in the language which I have recently used least, and also the language where there's most native speakers present. When I'm confused about the language spoken, I default to English – but I still get a weird feeling if I'm speaking English to a group which consists exclusively of other German native speakers.

I think you are treating this too much like a normal trade situation; my impression is that the whole thing is mostly driven by people wanting to stick it to hedge funds. They "spent" some money on the good fun and have written off the amount.

I moved around quite a bit and every move was worth it from my perspective: Moves for university brought a lot of friendships I still maintain, moves for work brought 10x increases in savings, both kinds brought valuable experience. I now have a strong network from multiple communities which is … distributed all over Europe.

Over the last 3 years I've been trying to optimise toward the more local investments you talk about, to find a place where there already is community and where I can imagine staying long-term (success) and where I can contribute to the community and make investments in it (establish a group house + hub. Success for 1 year out of 2 year existence). Build a life with someone (failure).

I'm lucky that I am now for already 2 years in a place where I want to make new investments and where I can build on the investments I already made in other places. So I'm quite excited for what the next years bring :) I didn't particularly like the place I grew up in and I feel that I'd be missing out if I had tried to make local investments there.

So I guess this is partly corroborating what you say, but with a very different perspective?

I'm holding my judgment for now on whether this whole non-coercion business, but I'd like you to know that I appreciate you writing about it and I'm looking forward to the continuation so that I can evaluate whether it sounds like a worthwhile experiment :)

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