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Ok, so then I would say that the soccer player in being empathetic to my objectives would be strengthening his or her emotional/ social capacity, which would benefit his or her health/ productivity, and thus benefit his or her soccer playing.

Could you explain your last paragraph a little more?

Fair enough, could you tell me what exactly it means to be a good rationalist?

Ok, so these skill sets contribute significantly to the productivity and health of a person. Then would you disagree with the following: 1. Social and emotional skills signifcantly contribute to health and productivity. 2. Any job, skill, hobby, or task that is human driven can benefit from an ...(read more)

The feeling that I am jumping on nebu and the idea that I am advocating a straw vulcan is you using loaded words to make an extreme judement about my meaning and my motives. First of all, I am not trying to say a rational person has to be emotionless. The fact taht Emotions are important, doesn't m...(read more)

>Additionally, saying that the East should look to the West for enlightenment doesn't mean there is no enlightenment to be found in the East. It just says that by far the more important enlightenment is more common in the West than the East.

Actually saying that the East should look to the West for...(read more)

>I voted the comment up, but not because I "agreed" with it[1], nor because I wanted to "shut up hippies", but merely because I found it interesting and **felt** it earned my endorsement as a comment worth reading.

What the point is of attempting to adhere to or advocate for rationality as a human ...(read more)

Ok, then the next question is that would you agree for a human skills related to emotional and social connection maximize the productivity and health of a person?

Isn't saying that Yvain's final statement is

>*exactly backwards*

also failing to make a distinction between a vaguely hostile comment and an extreme claim? To say it is exactly backwards is to imply that there is nothing wrong with steve jobs statement. I agree with you that some of Yvain's fall...(read more)

>But I actually can't agree with your argument than "enlightenment" is a fallacy of equivocation. It IS the Enlightenment values of Bacon and Newton that brought us the enlightenment of vaccination and electricity---that's not a coincidence.

I think there is some confusion in Yvain's definition of ...(read more)