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Meetup : Research Triangle Less Wrong Meetup

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Research Triangle, NC, Meetup - Saturday, June 18th, 2 p.m.

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They have one in the lab next to mine. I love my job.

I think I meant “interesting” in a sarcastic tone.

Another way of putting it: “You (theists) claim a high level of belief in this hypothesis. Because so many people (including close family members) take this position, I have though about this hypothesis and find it too complex to have anything but...(read more)

Eliezer (I think) feels the same way about the necessity of souls as about the Judeo-Christian god. Interesting hypothesis, but too complex to have anything but a small prior. Then no supporting evidence shows up, despite millennia of looking, reducing the likelihood further.

> if God exists then consciousness depends on having an immaterial soul.

I translate that into logical notation:

> (God exists) -> For all X (X is conscious -> X has an immaterial soul)

I don't concede this conditional. I can imagine a universe with a personal creator, where consciousness is a ...(read more)

Work at a desk facing your boss. It does wonders keeping you productive. My boss happens to make this possible by bringing his work into the lab for several hours a day.

invest in inflation-indexed bonds.

Or, a Boltzmann brain that flickered into existence with memories of a past that never happened.

Is there a comprehensive list of science declarations anywhere?