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What are you working on? January 2014

About a year ago I founded a startup that makes software -- for doctors -- that's powered by Google Glass. We are now the largest Glass startup, with over 30 employees and a substantial amount of VC funding.

more here: www.augmedix.com

More art, less stink: Taking the PU out of PUA

So this thread kind of went dormant. What are the next steps? Any movement for a meetup?

Open Thread, August 2010

A lot of companies conduct anonymous "360 review" processes which veer into this territory to some degree.

Also, several business schools conduct leadership labs. In fact, a large chunk of the business school experience is really about social grooming / learning how to network / and so forth.

So do we have any traction for this idea? How about a meetup?

Open Thread, August 2010

I only need one item:

The Holy Bible


Open Thread, August 2010

Generally, I agree. There's a time and a place for both online and offline venues.

Ideally, you'd want a very large number of participants such that, during sessions, most of your peers are new and the situation is somewhat anonymous/random. If your sessions are with the same old people, these people will become well known -- perhaps friends, and the social simulation won't be very meaningful. Who knows.. maybe there's a way to piggyback on the Chatroulette concept?!

Open Thread, August 2010

Would such "practice" require a physical venue? -- or would an online setting -- maybe even Skype -- be sufficient?

Why Real Men Wear Pink

I've noticed that, in the late 1990s / early 2000, there was a run-up towards ever bigger brand logos on shirts and shoes. I think this was a one-time event, not a repeating cycle. I've now noticed that this trend is receding, even among high schoolers. In the age of Facebook signaling, could it be that clothing logo-ism is on a permanent trend downward? What comes next?

Why Real Men Wear Pink

This discussion makes me glad to see the proliferation of mandatory uniform rules in public schools in the US.

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