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Halifax Spring Meetup

Come hang out, shy pals!

What The Foucault

From my reading, he's much more scout than postmodern soldier in his lectures -- and as a bonus, a much easier read. 

Epistemic Legibility

This is an excellent post. I expect (and hope!) it will shape how I handle disagreements.

"The person counters every objection raised, but the counters aren’t logically consistent with each other."

Is there a particular term for this? This is something I've encountered before, and having a handle for it might help with addressing it. 

Notes from "Don't Shoot the Dog"

This was a rich read, thank you!

A Simple Ethics Model

This is interesting. Am I wrong in summarizing it as "deontology helps with coordination"? 

The LessWrong 2019 Review

Is there a way to see all the nominations listed? I registered in 2020 so I can't vote but I'd still love to pick through the nominations. 

100 Tips for a Better Life

I of course agree (with original parent comment) that there are real problems and real solutions. I think three things are needed to qualify as a grifter, as compared to an honest informer. 

1) The sell. A grifter doesn't just tell you there's a problem, they will share the solution for a price. If you give them money (or control), they'll relieve your worry. 

2) The exclusivity. Alternative solutions are specifically highlighted as being insufficient or counterproductive. Somebody engaging in good-faith can acknowledge the costs and benefits of different approaches (while still believing their solution is best). 

3) The promise. Grifts promise a solution, not just a tool. An honest informer will have ideas about what can help, but won't guarantee their success. 

I think somebody can fit two of these three and still be in good-faith. 

100 Tips for a Better Life

76 was originally disclaimed with "wait a year before trying to be friends", which maybe should be added back in. I think friendship with exes is often doable eventually, it's the immediate aftermath where I think people handle themselves poorly and add trouble to whatever trouble made them break up. 

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