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I'm Singaporean! Sadly I don't think there are any other LW-ers here. Would love to show you guys around or something.

Why is everyone 100% convinced that Voldemort is Quirrell?

In my read through I would have given that outcome a very low probability because it seems too obvious and the authour explicitly makes fun of it in one of the first few chapters.

I've been lurking for some time but finally cannot resist posting in this thread. I've been working alone for some time now on an education startup. It's basically a website with math notes and questions for students. I've noticed that educational software hasn't really changed much over the last 2 decades. I could really really use some proper critism/feedback. Link (only works properly on Firefox for now). Feedback

How would you have done it? What probability do you give it of succeeding? How should I proceed? Thanks!