Igor Ivanov

I am a psychotherapist helping people working on AI safety.  
Check out my website to learn more about me or book a session.

If you would like to discuss with me other ways to get professional help, you can also book a short call on my website.

I also make community events for senior AI governance specialists.

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Totally agree. But in other cases, when the agent was discouraged against dceiving, it did it too.

Thanks for your feedback. It's always a pleasure to see that my work is helpful for people. I hope you will write articles that are way better than mine!

Thanks for your thoughtful answer. It's interesting how I just describe my observations, and people make conclusions out of it that I didn't think of

For me it was a medication for my bipolar disorder quetiapine

Thanks for sharing your experience. I wish you to stay strong

The meaninglessness comes from the idea akin to to "why bother with anything if AGI will destroy everything it"

Read Feynman's citation from the beginning. It describes his feelings about atom bomb that are relevant for some people's thoughts about AGI.

Your comment is somewhat along the lines of the stoic philosophy.


In this post you asked to leave the names of therapists familiar with alignment.

I am such a therapist. I live in the UK. That's my website.

I recently wrote a post about my experience as a therapist with clients working on AI safety. It might serve as indirect proof that I really have such clients. 

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