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What technical prereqs would I need in order to understand Stuart Armstrong's research agenda?

Yep, I've seen that post before. I've tried to use Anki a couple times, but I always get frustrated trying to decide how to make things into cards. I haven't totally given up on the idea, though, I may try it again at some point, maybe even for this. Thanks for your comment.

Also, NB, your link is not formatted properly -- you have the page URL, but then also "by Michael Nielsen is interesting" as part of the link, so it doesn't go where you want it to.

What technical prereqs would I need in order to understand Stuart Armstrong's research agenda?

Thanks, this is helpful! Mathematical maturity is a likely candidate -- I've done a few college math courses (Calc III, Linear Alg, Alg I), so I've done some proofs, but probably nowhere near enough, and it's been a few years. Aside from Linear Alg, all I know about the other three areas is what one picks up simply by hanging around LW for a while. Any personal recommendations for beginner textbooks in these areas? Nbd if not, I do know about the standard places to look (Luke Muehlhauser's textbook thread, MIRI research guide, etc), so I can just go look there.

What does the word "collaborative" mean in the phrase "collaborative truthseeking"?

[Off topic] Data point: the repeated "(respectively I/you)" at the beginning of the post made that paragraph several times harder to read for me than it otherwise would have been.

The 3 Books Technique for Learning a New Skilll

Do you generally read the "What" book all the way through, or only use it as a reference when you get stuck? Could a Q&A forum, e.g. StackExchange, serve as the "What" book, do you think?

Tales From the American Medical System

"no refill until appointment is on the books"

But Zvi's friend had an appointment on the books? It was just that it was a couple weeks away.

Otherwise, thanks very much for commenting on this, good to get a doctor's perspective.

Ideas ahead of their time

As one suggestion, how about something along the lines of "Ideas ahead of their time"?

What are effective strategies for mitigating the impact of acute sleep deprivation on cognition?

Data point: even with the name of the account it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out that this was actually written by GPT2 (at least, I'm assuming it is). Related: https://srconstantin.wordpress.com/2019/02/25/humans-who-are-not-concentrating-are-not-general-intelligences/

Applied Rationality podcast - feedback?

How about something like: "Tsuyoku Naritai - The Becoming Stronger Podcast"?

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