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Some references to lesswrong, and value alignment there.

One of my favorite examples of a smart person being confused about something is ET Jaynes being confused about Bell inequalities.

Smart people are confused all the time, even (perhaps especially) in their area.

You are really confused about statistics and learning, and possibly also about formal languages in theoretical CS. I neither want nor have time to get into this with you, just wanted to point this out for your potential benefit.

Dear Christian, please don't pull rank on my behalf. I don't think this is productive to do, and I don't want to bring anyone else into this.

well, using philosophy i did that hard part and figured out which ones are good.

Who are you talking to? To the audience? To the fourth wall?

Surely not to me, I have no sway here.

Your sockpuppet: "There is a shortage of good philosophers."

Me: "Here is a good philosophy book."

You: "That's not philosophy."

Also you: "How is Ayn Rand so right about everything."

Also you: "I don't like mainstream stuff."

Also you: "Have you heard that I exchanged some correspondence with ...(read more)

Spirtes, Glymour, and Scheines, for starters. They have a nice book. There are other folks in that department who are working on converting mathematical foundations into an axiomatic system where proofs can be checked by a computer.

I am not going to do leg work for you, and your minions, however...(read more)