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Writing Causal Models Like We Write Programs

How is this different from just a regular imperative programming language with imperative assignment?

Causal models are just programs (with random inputs, and certain other restrictions if you want to be able to represent them as DAGs). The do() operator is just imperative assignment.

LessWrong Coronavirus Link Database

Here are directions:

I think the sorts of people I want to see this blog website will know what to do with the information on it.

LessWrong Coronavirus Link Database <- Spread this to your biomedical engineering friends, or any hobbyist who can build things. We need to ramp up ventilator capacity, now. Even if they are 80% as good as a high tech one, but cheap to make, they will save lives.

There's a long history of designing and making devices like these for the Third World places that need them. We will need these soon, here and everywhere.

Announcing the AI Alignment Prize

Some references to lesswrong, and value alignment there.

Announcing the AI Alignment Prize

anyone going to the AAAI ethics/safety conf?

The Critical Rationalist View on Artificial Intelligence

One of my favorite examples of a smart person being confused about something is ET Jaynes being confused about Bell inequalities.

Smart people are confused all the time, even (perhaps especially) in their area.

The Critical Rationalist View on Artificial Intelligence

You are really confused about statistics and learning, and possibly also about formal languages in theoretical CS. I neither want nor have time to get into this with you, just wanted to point this out for your potential benefit.

Open Letter to MIRI + Tons of Interesting Discussion

Dear Christian, please don't pull rank on my behalf. I don't think this is productive to do, and I don't want to bring anyone else into this.

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